Hi! I’m Ana Abreu, a graphic designer from Lisbon PT based in Rotterdam NL.

In 2016 I graduated as a Graphic Designer in the Art School of the University of Évora PT and the University of the Basque Country ES.

I believe that anyone has the potential to change the world, and design can help people achieve their goals. So, while studying, I created the project For Design being featured a little bit all over the web: Adobe, Design TAXI, Van Schneider to name a few.

Since 2018 that I'm part of Friends For Brands, where I’ve partnered with big institutions, for which I worked on editorial projects, visual identities, digital, and brand design.

Parallel to it, I work as an illustrator, experimenting with digital and silkscreen techniques.

I do Print DesignBrand Identity, Editorial, and Typography.

Let's work together!