Studere is not only an architecture and design studio but also a space for multicultural events in Porto.

Inspired by the Romans

The word Studere was introduced by the Romans, and it means disciples. But they go further and deeper in its meaning, for them, it means that the disciple strives and puts all its efforts to achieve a goal.


The corporate identity was focused on a simple dot. Like a full stop means the end of a sentence, here it represents the achievement of the disciple to its goal. It also represents the beginning of new paths and goals. 

Black and White

The colors, black and white, represent the opposites, the end, and the beginning. The launching campaign was designed under the same concept, by using opposite words, like hate and love, we created awareness to their concept. 

Ulisses Costa — Studere Co-Founder 

"I can only praise because they managed to convey and create a strong concept but in a very simple and pure form."


Client: Studere
Year: 2016

Primary Roles

Brand Identity


Project Type

Architecture & Design